Scriptures for our Nation

Praying For The Nations

Joel 3:12 – Let the nations be awakened!
Isa 1:2 – Let the earth hear the voice of the Lord!
Ps 9:20 – Judge the nations in Your sight, Father, and put them to fear,
Ps 9:20 – that they might know themselves to be but men.
Rom 8:22 – Father, the whole creation groans and labors
Rom 8:21 – to be delivered from the bondage of corruption,
Rom 8:21 – into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
Jn 15:26 – Send forth Your Spirit of Truth to bear witness of You,
Jn 16:8 – and to convict the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment.
Eze 14:6 – Cause them to repent and to turn from their idols.
Hag 2:7 – Shake the nations, so they will come to the Desire of All Nations(Jesus).
Num 23:24 – Father, cause Your people to rise up.
Joel 3:11 – Gather Your mighty ones to prepare for war.
Joel 3:14 – Bring the multitudes into the valley of decision.
Jer 49:14 – Send Your ambassadors into all the nations.
Col. 4:3 – Open to them a door for the Word, to speak the mystery of Christ,
Mt 24:14 – that the gospel of the kingdom may be preached in all the world.
Ps 111:6 – You have declared to Your people the power of Your works,
Ps 111:6 – in giving them the heritage of the nations.
Phil 2:10 – Let every knee bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord!
Isa 61:11 – Cause righteousness and praise to spring forth.
Hab 2:14 – Let the earth be filled with the knowledge of the glory
Hab 2:14 – of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.
Isa 43:9 – Father, gather the nations together,
Ps 22:27 – that they may worship Thee,
Ps 46:10 – and exult Thee in all the earth.
Gal 3:8 – .Let all the nations be blessed through Your people,
Zech 14:14 – .and let the wealth of the heathen be gathered together
2Kin 22:5 – and be delivered into the hands of Your people for the work of the Lord.
Isa. 49:6 – Send forth Your salvation to the ends of the earth,
Mk 12:36 – and make Your enemies to be Your footstool.



**All nations around the world are included in this prayer. Or you can pray for an individual nation such as “the nation of _______.”

I had never really thought about praying for the nations, until I became a prayer leader. But this is a prayer we need to pray everyday, particularly for nations that are oppressed.