Prayer Guides 40 Day

The Fast Forward 40-Day Prayer Guide is a resource that was built to serve those who have a desire to pray for revival in America and who desire to see our nation transformed for the glory of God.

The expectation is that this guide will be used over 40 days. Over this period, this guide will lead you, as an intercessor for America, through a process of praying for every “sphere” of influence in our society. As an intercessor, you will be praying for five or six consecutive days for each sphere. For example, from day one through day six, you will be praying for the the “Church (Religion)” Sphere. From days seven through twelve, you will be praying for the “Family and Marriages” sphere.

Within each of these broad focuses, you will be given a daily prayer focus, listed at the top of each page of the guide. The red tab at the bottom of each page will remind you what sphere you are praying for on any given day.


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