Comprehensive Prayer to Break Generations Curse

Comprehensive Prayer to Break Generations Curse (Exodus 20:5)

Pray Aloud:

“Lord Jesus Christ, I come before You and repent of all sins of all ancestors and predecessors on all sides of my mothers’ two families, my fathers’ two families, and those of my spouse and those of all others from my past life with whom I had an intimate or significant relationship, on all sides of all of those families, back to their families’ origins. I repent for what they did, and in particular for each and every sin, (including cultural sins, and national sins),   which brought into the families’ lines the generations curses of_____________________       (name them). I ask Your forgiveness for all that they did, and for all of their sins which I repeated or did on my own for the first time., and I acknowledge that in so doing, they and I acted in hostility to you, Father, WALKED CONTRARY TO YOU, and grieved your Holy Spirit (LEVITICUS 26:40-44). I ask for forgiveness for them and for me, and I forgive and release them and myself. I ask for forgiveness for all whom they might have hurt, and in restitution to those who still live and their their loved ones and descendants to 1000 generations to come, I speak upon their lives the bom-again experience, water and Holy Spirit baptism, and the covenant promises, and ask You, Father, to call them to the Lord Jesus Christ and empower those things into their lives, all in Christ Jesus’ Name. I take authority over and bind, cut and sever all ties, bonds, cords,  soul-ties and attachments to each of these generational sins, with the curses, and with the spirits who carry them out; I break each and every one of these curses mentioned, and particularly the curse(s) of (name it), all in the Name of Christ Jesus and by the Blood of Christ Jesus,, off of my life, the life of my spouse, and off of each of my children (by name) and each of my grandchildren and descendants to come to one thousand generations and beyond. I speak the blessing over my life  and theirs  (lay hands on your chest) which is the exact opposite of each and every curse broken, and in particular the blessings of (name them), in Christ Jesus’ Name. (You may want to lay hands on the person repeating the prayer, or on yourself as part of the ministry of impartation by faith.) I bind you, Satan, all territorial spirits, the strongman, and each and every familiar spirit that carried out each and every generations curse, all in the Name of Christ Jesus. I and all loved ones are immediately and permanently loosed from you and these curses, all in Christ Jesus’ Name. I bind every principality, power spirits, ruler spirit, evil spirit in high places, all territorials spirits, elemental spirits, and the strongman spirit on assignment, and all under the strongman including each and every familiar spirit that carried out each of the generations’ curses now broken; We are permanently loosed, and I bind all under the strongman to the strongman for the purpose of casting out, all in Christ Jesus’ Name. I bind and break your communication lines, supply lines, three-fold cords and enabling, reinforcements, decree all under the strongman bound to the strongman now for the purpose of casting out. You cannot reinforce or enable each other, I decree it forbidden in Christ Jesus’ Name. Now strongman, I dispatch you to my lungs, quietly without harming, to be cast out on exhalation and to go directly to the Abyss with all the others bound to you and be chained there until the Great White Throne Judgment, and YOU OBEY in Christ Jesus’ Name, never to return to me or any other living being; I bind you all up from any form of retaliation or counterattack against any of my loved ones or me, or against anything that we are, have or possess, and decree all forbidden…all permanently, immediately, completely, and perpetually , all in Christ Jesus’ Name and for the Glory of The God The Father, amen.

“Holy Spirit, I now reverently ask you to infill me as I inspire my breath to fill my lungs and contact and take authority over and engage the strongman spirit and all bound to the strongman spirit on inhalation; please drive it out to the Abyss on exhalation, to be chained there until the Great White Throne Judgment in Christ Jesus’ Name. I ask it  in faith on Christ Jesus with a holy expectation that You have already heard and granted it, all in Christ Jesus’ Name, Amen.” Now:  Take a very deep breath in—-à Hold it for 6-8 seconds—-à Breathe out blowing forcefully.  Give the Holy Spirit thanks and praise. Pray: “Holy Spirit, infill me as I breathe normally again. I give you thanks, praise and glory, and bless Your Name, One with Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. I bind up and off all revenge, retaliations, counterattacks, judgments or wraths of Satan against any of my loved ones or me, my spouse, children, ministry people or their loved ones here or overseas. Or against anything that I am, have or possess, and decree such immediately, permanently and perpetually forbidden in the Name and by the Blood of Christ Jesus to the Glory of The Father, all in Christ Jesus’ Name.”

(Continue giving thanks, praise and glory for a few minutes.)  Believe that you receive, all by faith on Christ Jesus’ Name.  You are now finished with the breaking of generations’ curses. Please remember: for generations’ curses to be properly broken, repentance for the sins of the ancestors and all like sins of your own, is the key, not prayer. There must be a right motive. The wrong motive is to want to break the curses because you want to get a problem out of your life or the life of loved ones, that is “to get a “monkey” off of your back” or theirs. In my experience, I have never seen generations’ curses broken off of believers who have that expectation because the breaking of the curses is not “about them” but about reconciliation with The Father. The right motive to break the curse, according to Leviticus 26:40-44 is because we need to repent for the sins of the ancestors because in what they did, they walked contrary and in hostility to Father God and grieved His Holy Spirit.


  1. Generations’ Curses are broken only by sincere repentance from the heart. Prayer does not break a generations’ curse. Repentance is the key. The prayer is secondary. The breaking of the Generations’ Curse is Leviticus 26:40-44 .
  2. This inventory is best used with the Word of Faith Ministries International Spiritual Inventory. To explore Generations’ Curses, fill out the following Sections of the Inventory:

Section 2 Part III, Sections 3-5. Treat all things checked off in these sections as Generations’ Curses and name them as such when you pray the Prayer aloud. You may add anything that you know or suspect as a curse present in your family lines by making a list and mentioning them also in the prayer.

Remember that Generation’s Curses may be physical (disease, impairments, injuries, etc.), emotional, or  spiritual.

The clue to the presence of a Generations’ Curse in a family line is the observation of a spiritual, emotional, or physical problem in more than one person in a family line in two different generations, or a minimum of two people in the same generation. If you do not know with certainty whether or not a generation’s curse of a certain kind is really present in the family lines but you suspect so, then treat it as if it really is present and confess it anyway; even if you have not yet obtained a witness of the Holy Spirit. It is better to break it than to leave it unbroken because you are not certain of its presence. The Holy Spirit will eventually confirm it to you.

Bern Zumpano    Word of Faith Ministries International


Generational Curses in our family

(Name these in the first two blank spaces where indicated on GC prayer)

Self alienation Alienation of others

Presumption  Verbal aggression

Breaking the spirit of a child (of people in general) Tantrums

Stubbornness Maturation arrest

Miscarriages Premature death

Alcoholism Drug abuse Control

Spirit of Lillith (vampirism – sucking the life out of you)

Child abuse

Condemnation Condemning spirit

Depression Heaviness

Domestic abuse Dysfunction

Contentions Jezebel

Fault finding Anger Hatred Denial

Self righteousness Warring spirit

Resisting the Holy Spirit Self centeredness

Antagonizing and antagonizing others Verbal and emotional abuse

Pride Arrogance

Emotional dysfunction Oppression

Rejection of children

Familial turmoil Confabulation

Family bondage Belligerent


Rejection Fear

Fear of rejection Loss of acceptance

Perceived loss of acceptance Fear of abandonment   Anger

Hostility Resentment

The curses of cultural, emotional and spiritual deprivation Parental rejection

Self importance Spiritual dyslexia

(Name these blessings in the last line of the GC prayer)


I claim the blessings of:

Kingdom living, to feel love and protected, to give birth to healthy babies, calmness, walking in pure health mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, to have and  make friends easily, to submit and to submit to authority, sensibility, understanding, agreeable, amenable, compliant, obedient, cordial, pleasant, sociable, calm, quiet,  relaxed, serene, gentle, kindly, mild, supportive, tolerable, innocent, strong family morals and values, supportive of your children, orderliness, confident, positiveness, alert, optimistic, cheerfulness, down-to-earth, growth and progress spiritually, mentally and financially, restoration of family, freedom from all things not of the Holy Spirit, financial sufficiency, loving heart, joy, care and concern for all things righteous, considerate, complete restoration of mind and memory, humility, accepting of self, peace.

Prayer for Binding and Loosing:   

Father, in Christ Jesus’ Name, I bind and loose (mom) from the spirits of (name them)  and speak a curse of destruction and plead the blood of Jesus at the roots, upon all of their seedings, works, plans, activities, blueprints, plots, plans, designs, traps, wiles, snares,  and assignments against (mom) in any way, manner or form, to or through any   individual, organization, adversary or would-be adversary, from this day, any day past, or any day to come.

I permanently bind all of the named spirits and loose (mom) from, and uproot all of those seedings, works, plans and activities and I curse them at their roots, and by trusting faith, call them cancelled, nullified, never come to pass, and rendered of no effect, never seeded, judged and spoiled all in Christ Jesus’ Name. Therefore, Father, I decree this prayer accomplished and brought to pass by trusting faith and expectation, in Christ Jesus” Name.


Prayer of Forgiveness:

Father, in Christ Jesus’ Name, I lay down at your feet all present and past unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, or resentment, directed at (name(s). I repent of it and renounce it all, and ask You to forgive me for it. I forgive and release them. I repent for anyone who was hurt by it, and ask for Your forgiveness for that also. I forgive and release myself of all unforgiveness, anger, resentment and bitterness also. I renounce this and all past sin, and ask You to forgive me, Lord Jesus Christ. I ask all these things in Your Holy Name, Amen.


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